Introducing Origins

Conquer Origins was brought to existance as a way to replicate the prime days of the popular and beloved multiplayer game Conquer Online. Throughout the years, many things have changed in the game, shifting it completely from its essence and from what people remember it for. Our goal is to provide a small niche of people with the opportunity to relive those days once again, meet new people whom they may one day call friends and have a few more memories of the game to remember.

The most important focus we have is pleasing the community and making sure that everyone is having a great time. Therefore, feedback is something that we are consistently asking from our community as it is the only way for us to understand what everyone wants and what direction the server should take.

Note: Please bear in mind that this server is emulating a discontinued version of the official game and therefore, if you haven't played this version in the past (around 2004-2005) you probably won't be familiar with most of the things.

What can you find at our server?
  • Level 130 as the maximum level you can achieve
  • All official monsters and default spawn locations
  • Maximum composition level being the original +9
  • All official quests and events there were in the game
  • Identical calculations for Experience, Damage, etc
  • Identical algorithms for all sort of spells (Line, Fan, etc.)
  • No ConquerPoints, BattlePower, Steeds, Ninja, etc
What makes us unique?
  • Possibility to run the game at Fullscreen and custom resolutions
  • Dozens of custom PvP events as well as newer ones in the game
  • Possibility to set custom FPS limit according to your needs
  • Modern Quality Of Life features to enhance the player experience
  • Interserver Events hosted between the servers within our network
  • Custom Anticheat to prevent players from using hacks/cheats
  • Implemented support for custom cosmetics (Weapon Skins)