Conquer Origins relies on a diversified team to bring our community a fair and enjoyable gameplay with the best support we can provide.

We often receive questions from players asking us what are the competences of team members, what GM and PM stands for and what are their powers and limitations and so it is important for us and for the community as a whole to have a transparent view about our team.

It's also in our best interest to let you know about this information because we are aware that many other servers are poorly managed having team members directly influencing the gameplay either by giving benefits to their friends or themselves or by harming their enemies. First of all we would like to inform you that this does not happen on our servers.

  • PM (Project Manager): The Project Manager is responsible for the entire server. This position entails that the member will be taking care of the server development, team management and therefore has unlimited powers when it comes to the server. PMs do not have any characters on the server meaning their only character is their PM one and they do not take part on the game.
  • GM (Game Moderator): As the name suggests, a Game Moderator is a person that's resposible for moderating the game by providing players the best support they can by explaining them the game basics, answering their questions and helping them in case they face a bug or any other sort of problem. It's also a GM responsibility to make sure players follow our rules and punish them accordingly in case they break them.
    GMs are also responsible for participating in active discussions about the server development and come up with innovative ideas that will keep the server active and attractive for the community as a whole. GMs will also forward all the reports, suggestions or problems that they are not able to solve due to their limited powers to PMs and the rest of the team.
    GMs have limited powers such as:
    1. Teleport to a player (if requested due to a bug, for example);
    2. Botjail/mute players (in case they're breaking our rules);
    3. Send system messages;
    Note: Despite the fact that GMs may participate in the game with their own characters, they are required to fulfill their GM responsibilities assuming an unbiased position meaning they will work together (being enemies or not) in order to bring our community the best experience possible.

Finally, since regularly some misleading rumors were spread in history - we have to announce that it is strictly forbidden to spread rumors about our GMs. They are meticulously chosen for their role and absolutely professional in what they do, always in interest of our community! Yes, they may be players but they are also capable of separating their ingame atrocities of their responsibilities for the server and community as a whole - we DO NOT bring both together! It's also worth to mention that in a worst case scenario, the PMs always take a neutral point of view as they do not take part in the game and so they will ensure things will be kept in order.

We believe that it's highly important for our entire community to understand what our STAFF is responsible for and knowing that our server is not poorly managed. Our entire team is fully committed to bring you the best experience possible and they are investing their own time to make things better for everyone at our servers so please, show your appreciation by respecting them and their work.